Welcome to Safaribookers

Our objective at Safaribookers is to help you find the right safari experience in the safari lodges and camps best suited to your expectations, run by the highest qaulity safari operators and guides. 

How to use Safaribookers

Safaribookers is a resource to help you get all the information you need to plan your safari.  We feature safari lodges and camps, canoeing and walking safaris, safari guides and safari itineraries from carefully vetted safari-specialist tour operators.  Safaribookers is a signpoting platform to get you to the safari expert or information you need.

How do we select safari lodges and camps for Safaribookers?

Safaribookers only works with Safari Awards nominees, finalists and winners.  There are over 10,000 safari lodges and camps in Africa alone so we have narrowed our focus to around 1,100 that have been nominated for Safari Awards by Safari Guild safari-specialist tour operators.  You can be sure of quality at any safari lodge, camp or operator on Safaribookers. 

How do we select safari specialist tour operators for Safaribookers?

Type 'safari specialist' into Google and you'll get over 25 million results!  Most will have some safari knowledge, some will have first hand experience but few will have a comprehensive knowledge of many safari lodges and camps, how to get from one place to another, know when the best time to travel is and tips to make your safari meet your expectations.  The Safari Guild is a professional travel trade association that only accepts as members, safari-specialists with over ten years personal experience working in companies with at least five years successful trading behind them.  If your experience isn't faultless - we want to hear about it - please let us know by via the Contact Us page.