Welcome to Safaribookers advice centre

Our objective is to help you find the right safari working with the most experienced safari specialists in the world.  Travelling in remote parts of the worls can be daunting and confusing so here are a few tips on how to avoid problems when booking your safari.

How do we select safari lodges, camps and operators?

Safaribookers only works with safari lodges that have achieved 'finalist' status in The Safari Awards.  With about 10,000 safari lodges, camps and operators out there the choice can be bewildering and confusing.  Safaribookers exclusive partnership with The Safari Awards means we only feature the best.

Who are the Safaribookers 'safari specialists' and how are they selected?

The Safari Guild is an exclusive network of experienced safari planners.  They have over 10 years experience of selling safaris and in many cases they have worked in safari camps and lodges, been safari guides or been involved in wildlife conservation working alongside safari operators.  They are independent and provide impartial advice to safari travellers.  

Do I pay more booking through a Safaribookers safari expert?

No.  Safaribookers safari experts will never charge you more than you would pay the safari lodge or camp if you booked direct.  What you get is unlimited good advice from people who have planned safaris and can ensure you maximise your budget.  

Will I be offerred special deals or discounts?

Yes.  Safari operators often offer our safari specialists special add ons that would normally be charged as extras, or special offers where the safari lodge/camp price is reduced.  In many cases these 'specials' are only available from our safari experts and are not normally offerred on the safari lodge/camp websites.  

What happens if something goes wrong?

If you book the safari yourself there's always a risk when something goes wrong you'll have to deal with it yourself.  It's easy to plan a flight for the wrong day for example.  If you do that, and there's no room at any safari lodges/camps you are on your own.  Worst of all you will be missing out on a day elsewhere and probably have to pay extra for transfers to get you back on track.  Safaribookers safari experts put a lot of business into safari lodges and camps and if they make a mistake they fix it at their expense.  Why take the risk?

Is my money safe if I pay it to a Safaribookers safari expert?

All Safaribookers safari experts are licenced and bonded to protect customers money should they go bust.  If you are concerned about the transaction we can arrange for The Safari Guild to hold your funds in escrow and release them based on the booking requirements.  Please use the 'Contact Us' link to request this service.

Should I book my own flights?

This can be arranged with your Safaribookers safari expert.  If you have airmiles you may need to book your flights direct with the airline. It's a common issue and easily resolved.

Will I need visas?

Yes.  Visa requirements are always changing from country to country and depend on your nationality.  Your Safaribookers safari expert knows which countries you are travelling to will require visas and will help you arrange this at no extra cost.

Will I need vaccinations?

You may need a vaccination depending on which countries you are visiting on your safari and which country you have been in before you arrive.  Your Safaribookers safari expert will advise you on the rules and direct you to a suitable medical practitioner to be vaccinated.  Do not leave this untilo you arrive as some vaccinations have an incubation period and you will not be aloowed into the country until the incubation period expires.  

Will I need specialised travel insurance?

Most holiday travel insurance policies do not deal with emergency evacuation from the middle of the wilderness.  Adding this can cost a lot of money.  Our Safaribookers safari specialists deal with this all the time and will refer you to specialist travel isurance providers who will deliver the service you need should something unexpected happen to you.